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A step up the career ladder for Adam

Stepping up the management ladder can be a daunting task for some, but for one Emtelle Ltd employee, this was a challenge he was willing to take on after deciding to enrol on the Introductory Team Leadership and Management SCQF Level 6 programme, run by Borders College Business Development Unit (BDU).

Photo of Adam MiddlemassAdam Middlemass from Hawick, who is a Fibre Room Supervisor at the company, signed up to the course to help improve his managerial skills and better his long-term career prospects, while also helping to improve the efficiency of the company and the employees under his supervision.

The award saw Adam studying various aspects of management over a three month period, with support from a BDU Tutor/Assessor, and involved gathering work-based evidence of ability and knowledge related to his job role.

Adam commented:

“I enjoyed doing my award. I am new to my role and found this course very helpful for my day-to-day work in carrying out my role. I felt I learned a lot from it and now I find myself doing tasks differently than the way I used to, not to mention my manner in the way I manage my team, and this is all down to this course.”

This is an excellent award for anyone wishing to step up the management ladder and Adam certainly showed his capabilities in reaching the required standards.

William G Rae, Chief Operating Officer at Emtelle Ltd, said:

“Since joining the Emtelle family, Adam has demonstrated repeatedly that he is a capable, committed and competent individual who is willing to go the extra mile to meet our business demands; however, the transformation that I have witnessed in his development in his leadership journey has been fantastic.

“He has consistently delivered on all tasks, gained the respect of his co-workers and his team, proven himself to be a well-balanced decision maker, and the educational development he is now grabbing with both hands will allow him to grow even further and no doubt give him the tools, confidence and knowledge to be a well-rounded leader. Well done Adam!”

Alan Elder, Tutor/Assessor in Management at Borders College Business Development Unit, commented:

“It was good to see Adam's confidence grow as he worked through the course. He put a lot of effort into his assignments, responded well to feedback and, as a result, successfully achieved his qualification.”

Borders College Business Development Unit look forward to continuing to deliver courses for Emtelle Ltd to enhance the skills of their workforce in a variety of areas such as Management and Welding.

If you are interested in gaining more information on the courses offered through Borders College Business Development Unit, please contact our Business Skills Advisors on 01450 361030 or email:

Published: Thu 29th Aug, 2019