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Choose College: Is it time to change your career?

If you’ve recently lost your job due to the pandemic or if it’s simply made you wonder if there’s more to life than your current job, it could be time to upskill or retrain.

Choose College

According to the Office for National Statistics, 6.1% of people in the UK changed their job in the first half of 2020. Although change can be overwhelming, Borders College is here to support you in making the right decision for your future. 

And with that in mind, there really is no better place to take your next steps than at your local college. Across the sector, colleges offer a wide variety of courses ranging from access to degree level and we truly believe – pardon the cliché – that there’s something for everyone. We’ve got top of the range facilities and can offer you practical experience that will help you get ready for your new workplace.

We know that returning to college can have a massive financial implication and whatever your situation may be, it’s vital that you know about the different funding support available to you whilst studying at college. Click here to find out what funding could be available to you.

So, what’s first?

Firstly, we need to find the right course for you. Is there something you’ve got a passion for, but you’ve never had the confidence to turn it into a career? Or are you simply looking for a bit of a change? Of course you do – that’s why we caught your attention. 

It’s also important that you find the right mode of study for you, so more information on the different levels of study can be found here

Take the time to explore your options but don’t leave it too late, places are filling quickly for session 2021/22.

You’ve picked your course.. now it’s time to apply!

It can be pretty daunting completing an application form – especially if you’ve not submitted one for a while. Apply using an email address that you have access to, we’ll keep you updated about the stage of your application by sending you information to this address. 

When completing your application, try and find a quiet space where you can really focus. It’s important that you include all of the relevant information, that you think makes you suitable for the course. When you think you’re ready to hit submit, it might be helpful to have a friend or family member read over your application beforehand – it’s always good to have a fresh set of eyes to check out for typos!

Application submitted – what next?

You’ll receive a confirmation email to the address you provided, be sure to check your junk mail for this, just in case. If you’re successful, you’ll be offered an interview – as you are aware, things are a bit different at the moment, so in this email you’ll be offered the appropriate interview options with a member of the relevant department, by either Skype, Zoom or telephone. 

Good luck, we hope to see you soon!

Published: Tue 27th Apr, 2021