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Foundation Apprenticeships can still be an option for you

Foundation Apprenticeships can still be an option for you

Are you staying on at school but still to apply for the Foundation Apprenticeship programme? The great news is it’s not too late to join one of the following Foundation Apprenticeship programmes at Borders College;

➡️ Accountancy
➡️ Business Skills
➡️ Social Services and Healthcare
➡️ Social Services Children and Young People

But you need to be quick! Induction for these programmes starts on 4th June with interviews taking place soon.

If you want to find out if a Foundation Apprenticeship is right for you:

✴️ Talk with your School Guidance Staff
✴️ Visit the website for further details
✴️ Call or email our Student Advice Centre. Tel 01896 662516 or email
✴️ Apply online at

A Foundation Apprenticeship helps you get qualified through work experience and work-based learning. Usually, you take it as one of your S5 subject choices and work towards a qualification over 2 years. It’s an SCQF Level 6 qualification, which is the same as a Higher, but unlike your other subjects, your Foundation Apprenticeship takes you out of the classroom and gets you working on real projects with a real business. You get training at College and with an employer.

A Foundation Apprenticeship gives you the combination of a qualification and valuable work experience in some of Scotland’s most exciting industries, all with projected growth in jobs.

Published: Fri 17th May, 2019